Discover the definitive alfa-stage form of the essential Dunpets

Essential Dunpets resdesign by Miriam Pérez

Some time ago, something big happened to Dunpets Colors: the illustrator Miriam Pérez, author of the box-art and Steam trading cards of Stories of Bethem: Full Moon, is part of the project.

One of the task that she is doing is redesigning the essential Dunpets (known as support Dunpets before). You can take a look at the original design in the first Dunpets Colors GGDevlog article.

In Dunpets Colors, Dunpets have 4 stage forms (alfa, beta, gamma and omega stage). We want to show you the final alfa-staged essential Dunpets!

Rosmadin, the steam Dunpet

Suntrix, the bolt Dunpet

Zorne, the grass Dunpet

Twiscell, the meteor Dunpet

Dipopsy, the crystal Dunpet

Wigoat, the dragon Dunpet

That's all for today!

What do you think about the essential Dunpets redesign? Which one is your favorite? Tell us on social networks!

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