Stories of Bethem: Full Moon for Xbox One on September 2

It's official: Khoma and the Bethem Witches will live their amazing adventure on Xbox One on September 2 in America and Europe regions!

Stories of Bethem: Full Moon is an indie classic-style game released on Steam on December 11, 2015, almost one year ago. In the game, we'll find a huge world full of dungeons containing lots of puzzles that we must solve to rescue the father of Khoma, cursed by the Blue Witch


In addition to the main story, there are alternative quests to squeeze and enlarge about 20 hours of fun and madness with funny moments that will make us enjoy and smile.

I you like to explore, solve puzzles and have fun, Stories of Bethem: Full Moon will be awaiting you on Xbox One for $7.99 (depending on local currency) on September 2.


Be enchanted by a classic style action-packed adventure full of secrets, puzzles, unrequited love, exploration and loads of madness!

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