Dunpets Colors

The funniest fusion of dungeons and digital pets


It's time to join the rescue teams to clean up the environment full of corrupt crystals! Get ready to explore endless dungeons, solve puzzles, infiltrate in evil lairs and much more with your dunpets.

Dunpets Colors has unlimited possibilities: customize your refuge to make it unique, visit the refuge of your friends, give them objects/dunpets or fight their team via the Internet!

Discover the perfect fusion of roguelike (RPG) and digital pets in your pocket. Take your Smartphone and get ready for the new awesome adventure coming as free-to-play* in 2017!



  • New dunpet generation. Discover the new and colorful species of digital pets designed by the excellent illustrator Miriam Perez.
  • Your refuge, your way. Customize your home with new decorative items, there are plenty of possibilities.
  • Variety of things to do. Complete the different zones of the Dunpet World filled with variety of levels, minigames, dungeons and challenges.
  • Dunpets, more social. Compete with other rescue teams, visit the refuge of other players, give your friends creatures, or leave a gift in their refuge. Playing with others is more fun than ever!
  • Free content updates. The title extends its content adding new dunpets, levels and things to do. Don't stop the fun!
  • Original soundtrack. The game has a soundtrack composed by Albert Fernandez. What a delight to the ears!

* It includes In-App Purchases


✎ Details

  • Launch: 2018
  • Genre: RPG, digital pets, roguelike
  • Language: English, Español
  • Publisher: GuGames Development
  • Platforms: Android, iOS

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