Terms of Service and Privacy

0. Terms of Service agreement

Services, software and the GuGames Development website are available to users who accept their conditions. Therefore, it is assumed that the user has read and accepted them.

The ownership of this website belongs to Cristóbal Mata Castro, residing in Jaén, Spain. Works as video game developer and self-publisher under the trade name "GuGames Development". You can contact him via electronic: info@gugames-dev.com.

The following terms are valid for the website, applications and services provided by GuGames Development, referred as GGD from now, in case they have sense for them.

1. Website content

The web site hosted under the name 'www.gugames-dev.com' contains applications developed by GGD in order to offer them, either directly or as intermediary to the shops where they are distributed.

Content distribution or modification by other companies/persons outside GGD without explicit authorization is prohibited.

2. GGD services

The proper functioning of the services will be ensured as far as possible, but GGD is not responsible for errors in them.

GGD reserves the right to deny service without notice to users who are potentially dangerous to services or the rest of users, or they use the service with other purpose than the original one. Reasons such as threats, abusive language, suspicious behavior that may endanger the service, etc.

Similarly, GGD is not responsible for the use that users do of services when they break the conditions: they are themselves.

3. User Responsibilities

The user undertakes to appropriately use the services, not doing the following activities:

  • Illegal activities
  • Spread advertising content
  • Cause damage on GGD services
  • Phishing or passwords thieving
  • Disrespect to other users of the service with any reason

Users who violate the conditions will be deprived of the service without notice.

4. Download service

This website provides applications developed by GGD that users can buy in shops. On the website www.gugames-dev.com applications can't be purchased, this is delegated to each of the distribution platforms, but it is possible that other applications are distributed for free.

This means that the user will not distribute or modify the downloaded content and, if there is available a online service for it, will respect the service and users as mentioned in the above terms.

The user can't demand any responsibility of the free software downloaded from this website. All downloads are published and verified by GGD.

5. Applications downloaded from other stores

Applications downloaded in other stores outside gugames-dev.com follow their policy, without extension of the return policy. Please read the policies of these sites before purchasing products.

Privacy and accounts

1. Collected information

In order to the user can use the services offered by GuGames Development (GGD), like those containing its games, it must accept the use of the information he provides to GGD by registration. This information can be public to other users or GGD websites and consists of user names, scores and other information or content relating exclusively to the player game.

Personal user information that has not been manually provided by him is never collected, except device IP address for security reasons. This last information is not public, but can be managed by GGD services to create multiplayer games so it can be sent to GGD applications without being visible to players.

GGD don't distribute non-public information that has been registered in its services to third party companies/persons. In any case, public information is accessible to everyone from GGD and can be used for statistical, information or advertising purposes.

2. Deleting accounts and data

The data relating to the game of registered users can be deleted without notice after a year of inactivity, when the service is closed or when deemed appropriate by GGD.

Users can request cancellation of the service by sending an email to info ( arroba ) gugames-dev.com.

Use of Cookies

This site uses third party cookies to improve the user experience. These are for the use and analysis of embedded YouTube videos on the website and do not depend on GuGames Development. The only information directly stored by us is a control cookie to show or not the notification about their use.

You can change the configuration of the use of cookies in your browser settings to prevent its use or remove them manually whenever you want.

Last modified: Sep 9, 2015

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