Dunpets Colors trailer revealed. Coming in the fall.

The time has come! Take a look at the Dunpets Colors trailer. We also released the minisite dunpets.com with all the information about the game.

The trailer is introduced by Cresk, a mysterious merchant of the Dunpet World that we will visist when we need objects. We'll know him better as we play!

In the fall of 2017

Get ready to explore a world full of secrets, dungeons, puzzles, mini-games and fearsome monsters that are crystallizing the dunpets.

But there is much more to do! Customize your refuge, show it to your friends, fight against them, give away dunpets and much more, starting in the fall of 2017!


Demo and crowdfunding

Finally, we are preparing a crowdfunding campaign for September. If you are part of a press media or you have a YouTube channel and want to taste Dunpets Colors, get in touch with us!

We will distribute a private demo to press, YouTubers and a small group of users. A public demo will also be launched at crowdfunding!


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