Stories of Bethem: Full Moon v1.3.7 available on Xbox One and Steam!

We have released a new game update with improvements and bug fixes. Discover what's new in Stories of Bethem: Full Moon v1.3.7!

Remember that you can check the fixed bugs in the game Bug box. SOBFM v1.3.7 fixes gamepad bugs, crashing when pausing the game and other minor issues.

Disable screen smoothing


The most important content of this update is the option to disable screen smoothing (solid pixels). Take a look at the Config menu and choose what you like most!

If you disable screen smoothing, you'll probably see broken square proportions depending on your screen aspect ratio and resolution.

Minor improvements


The update includes some minor improvements:

  • New sound for text boxes. Text boxes will only play the chime sound when the dialogue is over. More comfortable now!
  • New tips. There are new tips in many points of the adventure.

Download it now!

We want to thank to all user who helped us to improve the game with their feedback one more time. We love you!

Download the update on Steam or Xbox One Marketplace now to enjoy all this new features!

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