Stories of Bethem: Full Moon v1.3.3 available!

Finally, we have released the Stories of Bethem: Full Moon update v1.3.3 for all platforms. Take a look at what's new!

  • Monster aura challenge shows the aura rank now. You can know how hard will be the revealing action quickly!
  • New services screen (Oracle Sisters and others) We applied the buying screen to the rest of services in the game.
  • Camera improvements. Sometimes the camera didn't focus right.
  • Background music fading when opening menus.
  • Go to the Bethem VIP Club to know how are you doing to become a member! Talk to Lilly an she'll show you the % of completed requirements.
  • Bug fixing. Check the game Bug Box out to know more about this.
  • Minor improvements.

Choose your favorite settings for Xbox (Xinput) controllers


Now you can choose one of the four settings for this kind of gamepad. It includes the first configuration we released, the new one (now by default, take a look at the screenshot above), the config of v1.3.2 and a new one.

We included the new gamepad setting after testing for the most comfortable and fast gameplay. But maybe you don't like it.

So go to config -> gamepad and select what you like most!

Generic gamepads and the Xbox controller reference


We added a reference model as suggestion for generic gamepad config. These controllers are fully configurable because the button number changes between devices.

But we thought that maybe you would want to know about the standard setting.

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