The Stories of Bethem: Full Moon update v1.3 is now available!

We have released a new version of the game with a lot of improvements. Discover what's new in Stories of Bethem: Full Moon v1.3!

At first, the update fixes some bugs you can check in the game Bug box. So we'll just show you the rest of improvements in this article.

Game progress


The saving/load screen shows the game progress now. Know easily how you are you doing in the game!

Gamepad changes


We updated the default buttons for generic gamepads and the Xbox controller configuration. The Start button is now used to pause the game, Select to display information and X to open the inventory and map.

Before the update, Start was used to open the inventory/map, Select to pause the game and X to display information. We decided to change the configuration because we thought it's better to use the face buttons for the main features and the pause menu be open with the Start button.

Buy as many potions as you want at once


Yeah! No more talking to the merchant for each potion you want to buy. Some users told to us this tedious issue and they were right, so we have been working on improving the shop system.

Just select the item, and the new buying screen will be displayed. Choose the units you want to buy with by pressing up and down buttons. Remember your inventory has a limit per potion!

The new buying screen will be displayed for all the merchant activities (costumes, potions, items, orbs...).

Pause and exit at any moment


Previously, the game only let us open the pause menu when Khoma was able to move: for example, we couldn't do it in a scene.

This won't be a problem anymore! Pause the game when you need to.

New Yellow Potion making screen


Before the update, Crisantemo said us what ingredients we didn't have got in her speaking bubble.

That was tedious too, so we have tried to make a new screen where the ingredients will be displayed in a useful way.

Sound improvement


We normalized the audio volume and improved the bit rate. That's why the game size is now about 150 MB.

New trading screen


The trading screen has also been improved and doesn't show only the two options we have: it displays the elements being trading.

Minor adjustments

We also made the followings adjustments:

  • Bat animations improvements.
  • GuGames Development logo resolution improvement.
  • Simultaneous sound limitations. No more bushes destruction or spell collision/cast high volume sound.
  • Spells collision improvements. Hitting balloons is easier now.

Download it now!

We want to thank to all user who helped us to improve the game with their feedback. You are great!

Download the update now to enjoy all this new features!

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