Introducing the new GuGames Development site and GGDevlog

Hello friends! If you visited our website lately, surely you found we were doing a lot of changes. Now the time has come: we'd like to announce that we've finished the new website update.

Welcome to GuGames Development v6! We like to assign a version to our studio and website like any project because they grow up and are developed too.

GuGames Development

Yes, GuGames Development. But, what happened to GuGames DEV? Don't worry, we're still the same. We just expanded the DEV to change our logo and trademark because we wanted they make more sense.

DEV meant Development, but it seemed like an acronym instead of a word. That's why we decided to expand the name to GuGames Development. We hope you like it!


One of the most important new features of the new website is GGDevlog. We'll publish articles about the development of our products there. We'll work to make available an article per week! Maybe one per two weeks. We'll try!

GGDevlog 1

The first one is now available. We opened GGDevlog with an interview with Miriam Pérez, the artist who made the Stories of Bethem: Full Moon box art and Steam Trading Cards. We're sorry, but the article is currently only available in Spanish. We'll translate it soon.

Game Bug Boxes

The other important new feature is the Game Bug Boxes, a registry where you'll find any reported issue and its current status. If there is any temporal solution you'll find it there too.

You can help us to improve our products. If you find a bug and want to collaborate, write us at the email address listed at the Bug Box section.

You'll find this new feature at the Support section.

Other improvements

We made a lot of improvements in the website, starting on the page design. Now it's colorful but formal.

We want that the main page shows all the new information avoiding that user has to navigate to know what's new. In addition, we want to make the event list more visible.

Finally, we added social sharing icons in almost every page. Share GuGames Development with the world!

Thank you for reading this article and your support. We'll make great announcements soon!

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