Create, share and discover unlimited new adventures with Spoorky!


Create, share and discover unlimited adventures with Spoorky! Prepare your sword to lead the world tournaments and get rewards by defeating level creators. Join the global community and compete to be the best player or the best creator!

Official game site (spoorky.com)



  • An unlimited adventure. Put yourself in the hooves of Spoorky and travel, along with your sword, infinity of worlds created by the users of the game community.
  • Level editor. Create your own levels with variety of traps, constructions, scenery... Publish your creations so that the community can compete against you!
  • Weekly tournaments. Each week you compete in the best levels selection according to the votes of the users. Will the yours be there?
  • Training mode. Get inspired and unlock new content by completing a set of pre-installed levels. This mode will add a new set every new world.
  • Power-up badges. Use badges to give temporary power-up to Spoorky; immortality, super-speed, points doubling... A push in the competition!
  • Interact with other players. Subscribe, rate levels, share them with your followers...
  • Free content updates. All content extensions and new worlds are free.
  • Leaderboards and Spoorky Hooves Gain game score by winning hooves: defeat creators, complete the others' levels, get a high place in the tournaments... Being the leader of the global top will not be an easy task. In addition, leaderboards are shared between platforms (cross-platform).
  • Requires Internet connection. Spoorky is an online game, it doesn't include a local mode beyond level building.


✎ Details

  • Launch: Nov 8, 2018
  • Genre: Adventure, platforms, level editor
  • Language: English, Spanish
  • Publisher: GuGames Development
  • Platforms: Steam (Windows, Mac OSX), iOS, Android

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