Project Raspberry (codename)

A tasty RPG full of flavours




  • An amazing adventure: Travel the world to save the sacred tree.
  • Turn-based battles: The game combines turn-base battle with time waiting depending on the character speed to make it more dynamic.
  • RPG full of flavours: The game theme is about tasty food and flavours. Harmful states are related to that too (i.e. diabetes) and magic elements are just flavours.
  • Eat candies to use skills: Each skill needs a different combination of candy kinds in order to use.
  • Customize your character: Characters have no gender, but you can wear them as you want! Hairs, shirts, jeans, boots... There are a lot of items to personalize your avatar.
  • Tame monsters and add them to your team: Monsters can be tamed and trained as a standard party member!

✎ Details

  • Launch: Dec 31, 2018
  • Genre: RPG
  • Language: English, español
  • Publisher: GuGames Development
  • Platforms: PC, console (TBA)

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