Financial Adventures

Saving money is just a game with Financial Adventures


Use Financial Adventures to manage your daily expenses in a funny way. This is the expense manager APP that all players and gamers should have in their pocket!

It is time to save money by protecting your hearts like playing video games. An app to save and control your wallet that uses gamification to make it more fun.

The application uses three boxes: Savings, Reserve and Money, a way to help you to save money by simulating a monthly budget. Check out the support section of the game support if you need help.

Expense manager is premised be simple, so if you are looking for a tool to manage more complex economic activities than personal ones, this one is not for you.



  • Rate your financial situation with a quick look at your hearts.
  • Remember the money you borrow or lend is amazingly simple.
  • Save a custom percentage of your income each month.
  • Use eight tags to improve your organization and analysis of economic activity.
  • All your purchses will be recorded in history. No more "In what did I spend this?"
  • Know how much money you have in your bank account and cash at every moment.

✎ Details

  • Launch: Jul 11, 2015
  • Genre: Application
  • Language: English, Español
  • Publisher: GuGames Development
  • Platforms: Android

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✚ Even more

✸ What's new (v1.0.8)

  • Link to the app help.
  • Non subunit currencies support.
  • Subunit division for reserve.

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